Read more about ‘Parallel Man’ in new Animation World Network feature

Animation World Network recently featured FutureDude Entertainment’s Jeffrey Morris in an article about animated short film Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit, which you can now stream for free on the sci-fi channel DUST.

In the article, Morris discusses the journey to creating Parallel Man and how the idea for the film evolved.

“When I saw the concept featured in episodes of the original Star Trek, it made me see myself very differently when I looked in the mirror — was it my reflection or another me staring through the window into another world?” remembers Morris. “Parallel Man allowed me to explore different versions of this reality based on a series of scientific “what ifs” — what if the dinosaurs continued to evolve? What if our planet was covered by a polluted, futuristic megacity? What if fungi were the dominant form of life?”

Morris also touches on the strategy behind the film’s animation and the unique imagery of each parallel world that’s featured.

“I tried to emulate the watercolor and gouache backgrounds that emotionally impacted me when I saw Charlie Brown specials on TV,” Morris notes. “I think we nailed that look while marrying it with futuristic technology and cool characters rendered in Toon Shader. I wanted to get a sense of ‘changing the channel’ while watching the same program. So the animation was broken up into four separate smaller films—each world with their own look while maintaining the overall art direction.”

Read the full story by clicking the link below, and learn more about DUST here.

‘Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit’: Careening Across the Multiverse